About JCRA

JCRA is the leading regulated, independent financial risk management and derivative hedging consultancy. For more than 25 years JCRA has provided tailored risk advisory solutions with proven results of helping clients maximize value. We have principal offices in New York, San Francisco and London with an expanding presence across the globe.

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Case studies

From defining and analyzing risk through to the execution of the hedge, our case studies demonstrate our bespoke approach to each of our engagements. The array of cases illustrate our holistic approach to helping clients develop hedging solutions that ultimately deliver enhanced value to our clients.

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Who we advise

PPHE Hotel Group

Hedge advisor on the refinance of UK and Dutch facilities with Aareal Bank: GBP167.6m and EUR153.2m

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Advice and assistance with interest rate hedging as part of the successful financing for a new €221m facility from a club of four banks.

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Electra Partners

Advisory input on hedging structure, negotiating credit spread and assistance in implementation.


Sole hedge advisor on a series of multi-family German residential CMBS transactions totaling €4bn

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Advice and assistance creating the optimal hedging strategy as well as ensuring best price execution in an auction process with multiple banks.

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Electra Partners

Design and implementation of the interest rate hedging for the recently completed loan facility.

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Heriot Watt University

Advice and assistance on legacy and new hedging structures.

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Advice on optimal interest rate risk hedging solution and ensuring best price execution when managing the auction process for the credit spread on implementation.

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Wheatley Group

Engaged to provide treasury risk management services on an ongoing basis.

Wheatley group

The Tonstate Group

Hedge Advisor on the successful £300m refinance of Tonstate Hotels Ltd.

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Hedge advisor on the interest rate hedging for the new £94.5m loan facility refinancing the debt of Stow’s Central London commercial property portfolio.

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Department of Transport

This is a major rolling stock project for the Dft provided by the Cross London Trains consortium with Siemens.